I want to be the one you rely on, the one you want for the rest of your life. I want us to be the couple that others look up to because of our strong connection with one another. I want us to want each other. I want communication, trust, love, honesty, and fun. I want to be able to cuddle up with you every night and fall asleep knowing that you are the only one for me. I want to be able to wake up to your beautiful face every morning, and fall for you all over again every single day. I want to be able to wrestle, go on dates, joke around, kiss you daily, take you out for dinner, hold you and your hand, bring you to your favourite places, and surprise you by being romantic. Most importantly, I just want us to just be us, happy, and be together forever and always knowing that nothing could ever be more perfect because we have each other.

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I’m the type of girl that’s always gonna put you first. you want me to stay up w/ you ? I got you. You wanna talk all night? I got you. Go out ? I got you. Hold your hand in front of them hoes? I got you. Be 100 with me, don’t give up on me & ill put up with everything you throw at me. You don’t like that bitch? fuck em, i don’t like em neither. Not one bitch is gonna disrespect you. Just know once you give me your heart, its mine to keep.